Storage node suspension - aftermath


My node was suspended for a few weeks apparently, and unfortunately my monitoring system didn’t detect it (see threads on uptimerobot). I’ll have to look into a more comprehensive monitoring system now.

Anyway, I run a storage node via docker, and after noticing that the node was suspended, I rebuilt my docker container using the latest docker image tag. This seemed to have cleared the errors, however, in doing so I lost the logs, so now I have no idea what caused the suspension in the first place. My guess, it was probably related to the fact that I was running my node with the “beta” tag, rather than “latest” docker image tag.

So now that my node appears to be unsuspended, how do I verify that it actually is? I see the following signs of success:

  • I’m getting earnings estimates on most satellites
  • I’m seeing traffic on the node dashboard for some satellites
  • Docker logs don’t show any errors or failures when I grep for AUDIT

Therefore, is it safe to make the assumption that the suspension has been lifted? If so, when will the red exclamation points on the dashboard go away (assuming these are driven by some sort of average success rate, my guess would be a month?)

Thanks very much in advance and my apologies in advance for my ignorance!


Suspension icons are supposed to be yellow I think. Switch to latest happened quite a long time ago, so your node is disqualified on some satellites. There’s no way back, time to start a new node.

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The suspension could lead to disqualification only after a some time (when the suspension score is dropped to zero). So, I think your node neither suspended nor disqualified, unless you see a yellow triangle mark with explicit message that it is suspended or/and disqualified, you cannot miss it.

Regarding reasons - I would like to suggest you to check databases: