Storage node using hotspot


So i do not have wifi but i have hotspot and in hotspot there is no port forwording so is there any other way to do storage node

It doesn’t sound like your setup would be suitable to host a node.
WiFi bandwidth is unreliable at best, latency is not good and if you can’t forward a port then that’s a deal breaker.
I would strongly encourage you to used a wired connection if you hope to actually get any meaningful traffic in your node…

Just to add, you would do the port forwarding in the router to which the AP is connected to. You also would need to make sure that the laptop/PC gets a static IP in your LAN. But as @ACarneiro said, the AP will add some latency and your node will lose more races to get data compated to a wired connection.

Hello @complainbox,

Indeed I would definitely not use a hotspot in order to run a node!

But otherwise you should setup the port forwarding in the router (ahead of your AP). If your AP is something like Phone connection sharing, I don’t think you can do any of this as it is only supposed to perform HTTP/HTTPS Access point.

well there is an option to use some VPNs with port forwarding, then you don’t need a static ip with port forwarding. but this may result in an even higher response time additionally to using wifi so the node might see a lot less traffic than all other nodes on the network.


can you say me step to setup vpn with port forwoding

no sorry (don’t know them). they might be somewhere on the forum though.