Storage Node with PIA / VPN doesn`t work

I try to set up my node with PIA and under point 3.4 I have to download a Storage Node Docker Container, but the page no longer exists. Where can I get them? Is my node offline because I don’t have it?

when i try to stop docker then i become this :

PS C:\Users\Tim> docker stop -t 300 storagenode
Error response from daemon: No such container: storagenode

and i don`t know why my port is closed.

I’m not entirely sure where you’re stuck now. First you say you don’t know where to download the docker container and then you want to stop the container you haven’t downloaded?

The port will only be open is the node is running. Since you don’t have a container, it isn’t running. Please let us know what steps you have taken and where you are stuck.

My problem is that my node is offline. I have now set up extra storj via vpn because my provider blocks my port. But my port is still closed now. I have activated all local ports in the firewall. I don’t know what it could be

Is the port 33223 is assigned by PIA?
If so, the parameter ADDRESS in the docker run command should contain your external DDNS address with port from PIA, for example -e, the parameter -p should contain the same port: -p 33223:28967.
If you have the running container, you should stop and remove it first, then run a new one with all your parameters, include changed ones.