Storage Node wrong disk space stats

Hello there. I get a strange situation here.

I have a storage node with 2TB disk capacity which I dedicate 100% for storj usage (2TB in storage node config file).

Last month (Nov 2022), the web dashboard shown a Total Disk Space of 1.25TB, but I did a check on the server and found out that the actually total usage by storj is 1.9TB(I ran a ncdu command to calculate the total disk space used by storage directory). Overused disk space was 0TB at the time. Then I read somewhere on Github that’s a display bug and will be fixed when the stats is reset at every end of the month. So I leave it.

Today I login to the node dashboard and see this (image attached). Total Disk Space is still 1.25TB but Overused is 0.89 now while Used is 2.06. How is that possible? So the “Total” disk space isn’t the sum of everything? And why the last month stats was incorrect? And does it have any effect on node earning calculation?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

The only way I can think of would be if some other process writes to the same disk. It could be the storage node logfile that keeps growing. The way this works is that the storage node will stop accepting new files around 500MB free space. It checks the disk space. Let’s assume there would be another process that fills these 500MB. That would mean the storage node will wait for some delete messages to free up another 500MB. The other process can fill that again. The longer this goes on the less used space your node will have.

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This might also be relevant to this thread. We’ve got some testing in progress related to optimizing garbage, garbage collection and emergency restore from garbage for durability analysis. We’ll be wrapping up this work shortly and will resume regularly scheduled garbage collection soon, possibly next week.


Have you allocated 2TiB? In VM or a NAS perhaps?
In storagenode did you then allocate 2TB? 2TB is smaller than 2TiB.

Then you have changed your storagenode to 1.25TB?

So it shows you have 1.25 of space with 2.06 of files and that is about 0.87TB too much.

Is the disk actually full?

I don’t understand the problem. You have allocated 1.25TB to the node, while the node uses 2.06TB. So 2.06 - 1.25 = 0.81. Plus the 0,05TB in trash gives about 0.87TB of overuse?