Storage nodes on the same subnet (different public IP's)

Hello guys,
I and my brother decided to become node operators in STORJ project, but we have the following problem:
We have neighbouring flats with internet connection from the same ISP. Both of us have the different public IP, but we are in the same IP subnet. See bellow:

  • Me:
  • My brother:

I went through your tutorials and to tell the truth I am a bit confused. Can both of us to be a node operators or not?

Beginning of this Hosting Multiple Storage Nodes on the Storj Network article tells YES, but there is the following sentence:

If your nodes share the same IP address, the data they receive could be somewhat reduced due to IP filtering, which only allows one file piece to be stored on any Node within the same IP subnet.

So, is that problem, that we are in the same IP subnet?

Thank you very much for help.

Yes, you can both run nodes. However, nodes in the same /24 subnet will not receive pieces of the same file, so the potential ingress traffic will effectively be split between your nodes.

Hello @polo,
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All nodes behind the /24 subnet of the public IPs will be treated as a one node for uploads and downloads, but as a separate for audits and uptime checks.

So, both your nodes will share the same amount of traffic as only one node.
Since your nodes are new, they are in the vetting process. They will receive only 5% of potential traffic in total until got vetted. To be vetted on a one satellite, they should pass 100 audits from it.
For the one node it usually takes at least a month. But in your case both nodes will share the same small amount of traffic and the vetting process will be in the same times longer as a number of nodes.


Probably not a good idea for both of you to run a node, Would be the same if you ran 2 nodes in the same house which is only a good idea when 1 node fills up with data. You will both be effecting the amount of data you receive meaning you will be losing out on being paid even less because of it.

but thay not have same /24 network. becasue /24 network is network behind 1 external ip, but thay have each one own external IP

The problem is because there on the same ISP and probably located in the same area, location is also accounted for.

Yes, each of us have own public IP with /28 bit mask. We are in the same subnet. See below:

The range is to

Is there any possibility how to fix this issue? E.g. contact my ISP and explain them our situation? But I think, that they have dedicated IP’s range for our block of flat. In this case it is:
Network: (14 hosts)

To tell the truth, I am not network specialist, so I am a bit lost and confused.

Theres no real solution less one of you changes location and isp. You could run a vpn to get around it tho but not recommended.

One subnet is network behind 1 router. you are in different subnets.
location is same, but it will work. there is lot of SNO that have same ISP, power plant and so one.

I believe you, that there is lot of SNO that have same ISP, but as guys described above, I dont want to be penalized, because of the another node in the same subnet.
And yes, we are in the same subnet. Check my link above. We are in Network:

I invested money to Raspberry Pi 4 + 2TB SSD storage to become SNO. By the way, my node is already up and online. My brother will have to wait, until this issue is quite clear.

Not true.

Both IP addresses are within the same /24 subnet, which is what Storj uses to deduplicate node traffic.


You could try to reboot your router in order to get a different IP from the ISP’s pool. Your ISP has the network range of - (and maybe other too), which is bigger than a single /24 subnet. It might not work as you are located so close together, but it’s worth a try.

This doesnt work if your on the same ISP network which is sub divided per location. Your still going to be limited of how many IPs are in your pool.

Yeah and you’ll usually have a lease on that IP for at least several hours to sometimes days before they actually assign you a new one. I doubt anyone would want to be offline for days to change IP and pray it’s in a different /24 subnet.

if folow such logic we are all on 1 subnet

This would be incorrect if you followed this logic though as storj doesnt see your network subnet from your router only your public IP which they see the ISP subnet. Subnets are a way to separate every network in the entire world. Then it would just be one big lan party.

I have a client in Germany who gets a new IP from Deutsche Telekom every day at random from a /16 subnet, sometimes from an even wider subnet. Worth a try…

Technically, all of these statements are accurate from different perspectives.

A network delegation can be further broken up by the owner into smaller subnets. Each IPv4 address is therefore within 32 different “subnets,” from /32 to /0 – though you could argue that is not a subnet as it is the entire address space. If we’re talking set theory, is a subset of the IPv4 address space, but it is not a proper subset.

Anyway, Storj considers all public IP addresses within the same /24 address space to be a single node for the purposes of piece distribution. The term “subnet” is a bit misleading in this context since Storj doesn’t care how the address space is actually divided by the owner. The owner could divide their allocation into a /23 subnet, but Storj is still going to treat that subnet as two nodes for the purposes of piece distribution.

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Reboot will not help me. Because I had private IP address, so I asked (4 years ago) my provider for static public IP, and I got the one. So, now I have already 4 years the same IP public address.

Where did you find out that my provider has this range? -

with a simple whois on the command line.