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Hi I know that storj is utilized by actual people and it isn’t mining. I currently have 2 nodes in 2 different countries. The one in slovakia has an normal ingress rate and normal deletion rate. but the one that I have In czechrepublic has something weird going on. It is a 3.5tb node and after over 4 month it has accumulated around 650gb of stored data while in the same time my other node accumulated over 2.5tb.

The Ingress is very similar but the deletion rate is super high. though never measured it. I am wondering if anyone else has the same thing happening. I’m considering creating a new one. even though I would have to wait for vetting and the percentages.

NOTE I haven’t been disqualified by any satellites.

Let me know your thoughts

(I thought it was called Czechia now?) I’d check the versions are up to date first of all as old versions no longer get as much ingress.

sorry for others i will write in czech.


já mám celkem 12 nodů v ČR a vypadá vše normálně.
když vemu můj hlavní a nestarší, největší node tak
za prosinec 16,48 TBm
za listopad 14,98 TBm
takže průměrně 1,5 TB měsíčně což je fajn…
teď mám 16,3 TB zabráno aktuálně takže asi k nějakýmu mazání došlo

Latest version 1.19.6

How much do you have deletion rate in a month. or how much storage do you have consumed? and how long did it take for you to get to it.

Kolko GB starcate mesacne a kolko tb mate odlozene a kolko vam to trvalo kim ste sa tam dostal. Dakujem

Used 16.3 TB
node is 18 monts old
deletion rate… dont care xD , but usedspace grow every month
try this

zabráno 16.3 TB
Node je 18 měsíců starý
smazaný data moc neřeším, ale využité místo roste každý měsíc
zkus tohle -
Jsou tam vidět další nodes ve tvém /24 rozsahu = pokud tam někdo je bere ti ingress
Jinak fakt záleží jaký zrovna u tebe jsou data, některý nody nemaji skoro žádný eggress, jiný jsou nadprůměrný, některý mažou víc, některý míň… je to taková náhoda…
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Thanks but I’m the only one on the /24 I think I will start a new node, I just got the Hardware for a new 12Tb nodeThnaks for the help to all that replied

You may start a new node, but I wouldn’t kill this one though: It works even if it’s slow, and also it’d be interesting to investigate why it does not operate as well as the other one.

Yes I plan to keep it. But I think I will transfer it out of my house to a friend just for now as I need to incubate a new node around 3tb of stored data before I launch a project in datacenter. But I will keep this to just test out new things.
Thanks for the suggestion

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