Storage Scaler: 16 x M.2 SATA III SSD Expansion Card

I ran across this new product on kickstarter the other day, and thought I’d post about it to see what the community thoughts were…especially since it explicitly mentions use for Storj. Seems a bit overkill IMO, since all of my node’s storage spaces are running on single 3.5" HDDs…

any one have an idea why someone would need this for Storj?

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I have no idea :slight_smile:
It’s overkill for the Storj. You can hammer with storagenode only SMR disks, but CMR disks are still far from overload. So in general SSD disks are not needed for the storagenode at the moment.

Bizarre. It sits in a slot yet needs a separate raid card and power connection

Looks like it’s an “either or” option to power the card. they included the molex connection in the case that you want to mount it not in a PCIe slot.