Storage used display not correct..?

Minor issue… after the month switched to april and all the stats is refreshed to start anew… the storage used started anew too…

So i allocated 3.5TB… and the disk has some data from last month… probably 0.03TB?
but my storage used now is showing 3.49TB… taking into account what has already flown in… but not what is existing from last month… this is after ctrl + f5

  1. does it affect display only?
  2. maybe it affects me only since i don’t see anyone saying this…?

“Disk Space Used This Month” is measured in byte-hours like “TB*h” and only counts used space this month. It is expected to reset to 0 every month.

1TB used for 1 hour = 1TB*h
2TB used for 1 hour = 2TB*h
2TB used for 2 hour = 4TB*h

Actual disk usage reported by your system/filesystem should not reset every month and will carry over from month to month.


am on the windows client… if it makes any difference…

Note: Windows display “TB”, but it actually displays sizes in TiB.
Which means that in your screenshot, your D drive actually has ~3.82TB free of 3.99TB.

The Storj dashboard on the other hand does correctly use the “TB” unit.