Storagenode connected but 0 usage

I have a storagenode running for a couple days and the console shows its connected with 150 peers but the counters are all 0.

 curl -s ...api/dashboard | jq
  "data": {
    "nodeID": "128Nc6NfzHMke5A5dKVkyWE9MMJjnBksQ5QhT3gL2CaL1PQVcXJ",
    "wallet": "0x...",
    "satellites": null,
    "diskSpace": {
      "used": 0,
      "available": 900
    "bandwidth": {
      "egress": {
        "repair": 0,
        "audit": 0,
        "usage": 0
      "ingress": {
        "repair": 0,
        "usage": 0
      "used": 0,
      "available": 2000
    "version": {
      "major": 0,
      "minor": 0,
      "patch": 0
    "upToDate": true
  "error": ""

The logfile is full of one kind of error - untrusted peer. Is this normal?

ERROR server/interceptors.go:44 rpc error: code = PermissionDenied desc = untrusted peer 11

Please take a look at your dashboard.

docker exec -it storagenode /app/

I think you might be offline. You should see last contact at or near 0s. If it says offline or is more than a few seconds, your node is not connected right.
Check everything mentioned here.

Yes the dashboard shows it is connected.

Last Contact 0s ago
Uptime       22h49m48s

Untrusted peer is normal, more information can be seen here:

Please, show the version of the storagenode:

I built it from source so its the git HEAD at the time. Perhaps thats the problem?

$ ./bin/storagenode version
2019-09-05T14:40:07.672-0700    INFO    process/exec_conf.go:229        Configuration loaded from: /home/donp
Development build

$ git log -1
commit 48ba45eb553a169f65cb25050dea876f8bd23069 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: JT Olio
Date: Thu Aug 29 17:51:03 2019 -0600

    pkg/process prometheus: forgot digits (#2920)

Only the docker image is supported right now. I’m pretty sure your setup would run into conflicts with the allowed version checks. Stick to docker for production nodes as the instructions describe.

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does that support 64bit arm?


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