Storagenode container keeps dissapearing

Hi guys,

In the last two months I’ve been struggling with my sotragenode. After the storagenode did not update, and was basically down becasue the version was too old (I had a time when I did not frequently check my node), now I have another issue. The node works for a day or two, and then the browser says it cannot connect to the dashboard. If I try to log via terminal, I get this error:

storjnode@storjnode1:~$ sudo docker logs --tail 80 storagenode
Error: No such container: storagenode
If I use terminal to download the container again the node restarts, all the data is there, but uptime is obviously affected. What should I try to do? My uptime is so low my node will get suspended or disqualified for sure.

What’s your setup?
Operating system:
Docker run command:

What’s the output of ‘sudo docker ps -a’

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Exactly the same here under a Synology with Docker.
Unable to fix it, so every time there´s a new update, I have to run the command again :frowning:

Please, post an error from the watchtower when it’s unable to update or start your node

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I am bringing back this topic and this is seriously the last chance I give to my node. Of course the storagenode container is still disappearing.

docker ps -a does not show the storagenode container.

I pull the container again, I enter the configuration with email, wallet address and so on, and then the node starts running again. Interestingly, the stats in the browser still show disk usage and some revenue for this month, although I’ve been 0% online. I literally can’t check the node every single day and reinstall the container every single day, that’s why I stopped caring about it.

Please, stop and remove all watchtower containers (you have two running instead of one) and then run the storagenode and watchtower again.