Storagenode keeps restarting every 10 secs

I’m trying to setup storj, but it keeps restarting. Logs output:

2020-02-05T13:17:50.735Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
2020-02-05T13:17:50.769Z INFO Operator email: (Email here)
2020-02-05T13:17:50.770Z INFO operator wallet: 0x5A4B4744cB71b10E101934777d1Bf6EF164D6605
2020-02-05T13:17:52.987Z INFO version running on version v0.31.12
Error: Error creating tables for master database on storagenode: migrate: creating version table failed: migrate: disk I/O error: no such device; cannot rollback - no transaction is active

I don’t know, but the mounted location is a WebDAV share, could that be the problem? (I’ve had to cut down the logs because “I’m a new user” and had “too many links in my post”)

Node has to run on a local hard drive. The only remote mount supported is iSCSI. NFS, SMB and WebDAV shares are not supported for this.

It may be possible to make the software run, but it will be unreliable and may corrupt the database, losing data and getting the node disqualified.