Storagenode keeps restarting

Hi all,

for some reason my node suddenly starts restarting all over again:

pi@raspi02 : ~ $ docker exec -it storagenode /app/

Error response from daemon: Container 5b17de42f5bdc73feab736eed95d71118ead34ed197301b2150ed697dad9a346 is restarting, wait until the container is running

Docker logs somehow look weird as well:

Error: read config/config.yaml: input/output error
/app/storagenode run [flags]

And then it only shows me all available flags?!

Any ideas?

Thanks Wunderbaer

Please, show the output of the commands:

docker logs --tail 40 storagenode
docker inspect storagenode -f '{{ .Mounts }}'
df -h

Please, post output of these commands:

ls -l /mnt
ls -l /mnt/storagenode
ls -l /mnt/storagenode/storage

Please, stop the container docker stop -t 300 storagenode and remove the container docker rm storagenode and run it back with all your parameters but with sudo.
Or chown the whole mountpoint recursively to your user pi and then you can run the container without a sudo.
What is your choice?

I would prefer to not run as sudo tbh

sudo chown doesn’t let me change the ownership:

sudo chown -R pi:pi /mnt/storagenode

chown: changing ownership of ‘/mnt/storagenode’: Operation not permitted

Perhaps the mountpoint doesn’t have needed rights.
You should unmount the drive first. Stop and remove the storagenode

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

Then unmount drive

sudo umount /mnt/storagenode

Then the chown should work.
After that sudo mount -a should mount your drive back.
After that you should be able to replace owner recursively for all other folders and files.

very weird. I unmounted and unplugged the external storage. mounted again, restarted the docker and all is running nicely again… strange.

seems like unmounting wasn’t enough, but unplugging the usb drive was needed?!

Looks like a problem with USB controller as well. Maybe it need an extra power from the external source.
I can suggest to use case, board and power supply from this vendor:

might be the case. still weird it was working properly for weeks and suddenly “broke”. just a pity it ruined my uptime for this month, meaning no payout in October! :frowning:

I will have a look into the geekworm products though, thanks for sharing!

Your payout would not be affected by downtime at the moment. But reputation is affected. Though it should recover during the uptime.

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ah thanks. thought you need a 99% uptime to be eligible for rewards…

Actually you should be online 99.3%:

However the disqualification for downtime is currently disabled, our engineers redesign it:

So, please, keep your node online. When we have all in place we plan to enable this check back.

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thanks a lot for the clarification! will keep the node up and running…

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