is it ok if I delete storagenode.log ? it has over 13 GB …

stop node, delete it, start node.
no problem with that.

on linux you can set up logrotate.

I found out you can turn off the logging on “docker” level if you pass an parameter to your docker run command.

--log-driver none

There is a more sophisticated way to set the log.level option, but I wasn’t able to find out how to set this option to “warning”.

kevink can you help me out please?

you can redirect your logfile if you are still using docker: How to redirect the logs to a file?

I wouldn’t recommend that: if anything goes wrong you won’t have any way to peek into your logs to see what happened :confused:

Redirecting logs to a file and setting up logrotate is one of the best ways to go :slight_smile:

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It’s absolutely true, and wise advice. I talking only about the possibilities.

Anyway who need logs? It’s just confuses everyone:)

I’d say maybe no one, until there’s an issue :wink: