Storagenode not getting any data

So I have 3 Storagenodes running on ubuntu docker:

  1. The oldest and biggest, doing absolutely fine, getting plenty of downloads and uploads
  2. A small storagenode, full since 3 month, doesn’t get any deletes, obviously no uploads and a few downloads
  3. A 1TB node that has been offline for one month (due to bad superblock). Reconnected it, not disqualified, did a succesful graceful exit only on stefan-benten and it now has >300GB of free space, 400GB used.

And with node 3) I have the problem, that it doesn’t receive any uploads, despite having >300GB of free space! It receives the occasional download (but only get_repair and get_audit, almost no GET!). And it is online since 4 days now. Could the (non visible) reputation be that hurt by the offline time, so that the node doesn’t receive any uploads yet? Because node 1) receives lots of uploads so node 3) should receeive an equal share because all nodes are behind the same IP.
There are also no errors in the logs so the node should be in a healthy state.
EDIT: It now started to receive some GET and uploads from the saltlake satellite.

There is still a visible audit score. What does that look like for this node?

Audits are all >99.9%

I was waiting 4 days before posting about it, just to be sure… But apparently I was still a few hours too early :joy:
The node started getting uploads from all satellites a few hours ago.

So it must be due to the reputation that took this long to recover after being offline for over a month.

These are not the scores, they are lifetime percentages and basically useless. If your node is old enough it will be disqualified before this number drops to 99.8%. You can use the dashboard API, earnings calculator or windows gui toolkit to find the actual scores based on recent performance.

My prometheus/grafana dashboard (not the snoboard) shows the audit score as a percentage and it’s 100% on all.

Ok, then you’re fine.
But you should know that number is not a %. The use of that sign is very confusing.

Yeah that is true, it’s a calculated score. Maybe in the next dashboard version :smiley:
It at least shows if something is wrong when the number changes.