Storagenode not updating

Hi guys,
I have two nodes on diffrent ips wich wont update from 0.26.2 to 0.26.3. (1 on a pi, 1 on Ubuntu)
I have watchtower running with both nodes and also manual update pulls only the oder version.

Ive tried to change the pull command tag beta to latest, alpha and without but the same problem occurrs.

Also i have purged all docker images related to storagenode and downloaded it from scratch without success.
Any suggestions?

Is 0.26.3 actually available yet? My node dashboard API response has:

"upToDate": true,
"version": "0.26.2",

I think this was a patch for fixing issue with Windows updater hence only nodes using Windows GUI version would get the v0.26.3.

Can anyone using Windows GUI confirm if their node is 0.26.3 ?

Hi! There is no need to update to v0.26.3 for SNOs please see Changelog v0.26.3 the storagenode-updater fix included is for Windows GUI users only.

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Iam Windows user, 0.26.2 version is up, dont see any other

Okay then i dont have to worry. :wink:

You can find it here

Looks like more to uplink.

Are you using GUI version or docker version on your Windows ?

I have 3 GUI version nodes

I’m on GUI and mine hasn’t updated either. still on 0.26.2. Dashboard still says latest version. I’ve just left it to carry on

i setup a new node today, and i have seen that indentity is 0.26.3 only not other staff.

The update is not a nessasary update, so if you want you can download the update Here, but the nodes do not get the update sent to them and on the docs don’t have the new binary as well.