Storagenode OFFLINE, Neighborhood Size 0, v0.0.0

I have set up my storage node a couple of times now, but to no avail.
I have confirmed that my dynamic DNS is working, the port forwarded properly, but the node remains OFFLINE with a neighborhood size of 0.

Here is a picture of what’s going on.

I also noticed that, for whatever reason, the Node Version has been v0.0.0 every time I have started it up.

Here’s a paste with the logs: (I did replace my email with a generic email).

Any help is appreciated!

Welcome to the forum Nlitz88

Could you paste your docker run command ?

You’ve downloaded the wrong version of the docker image. You need to download the :beta tag, not the :latest.

Edit: Just as some extra info, I can tell because your dashboard displays v0.0.0 instead of an actual release version.

This makes sense. I pulled the image using Openmediavault’s interface and don’t see any way of specifying what version of the image to pull (maybe I overlooked that somewhere). Regardless, I will try pulling from the command line instead when I get a chance.