Storagenode on FreeNAS

Can I ask someone how storagenode will be implemented on FreeNAS? (via Jail or VM?)

I Interested it because I spend a lot of time for testing it on FreeNAS and would like help with implementation and share unresolved issues and recommendations.

I think it would be a binary

Thanks @Alexey!
It very good news, because VM based on bhyve (hypervison on FreeNAS) have a lot of network issues that I can’t resolved (virtio driver issues, ubuntu network stack issues, debian uefi issue after instalation etc.) that was main reason why I not public manual "how to install storagenode v3 on FreeNAS " it would be an unstable solution for SNO.
So, if it will be binary, it will be working fine on FreeNAS Jail, we already have manual but for test v3 network. This implementation will have no issues.

It is great news to hear FreeNAS will be supported!