Storagenode remote Stat monitoring


I litle reworked my old app, to remote stat monitoring.

Here we can see audit count, used space, Egress, ingress, and payout for all your nodes in locan network.

If anyone have ideas, please be welcomed to write them here.
remember it usefull for people who have lot of nodes, like i have 25 nodes, so cant add all stats from every node.



I’ve been dabbling with a similar project using React but it’s still in quite an early phase:

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Hi @Vadim

Just tried it, I love it!
I have 12 nodes and now i can see the important informations at a glance.

If you have idea how to make it better, ideas are welcomed.

I just wanted to be clear - this is only for windows?

Soft itself work on windows, but node can be linux, dasboard everywhere is the same

Вадим, здравствуйте. Не могли бы вы обновить вашу программу, а то она перестала работать с обновление версии ПО для нод

postarajus, kak vremja budet zdelaju

I removed audit, as it gone from API, working now.