StorageNode running into negative storage usage

Hello there,

One of my StorageNode is running into negative storage usage?

Is this cosmetic or concerning?
Please advice!

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Sometimes this occurs when garbage collector is running and getting rid of data I seen it climb pretty high myself about -400gigs and then after it finishes running I have 500+ gigs free.

Also if you dont allow for 10% extra hard drive space this can happen as well.

You mean to have 10% Physical storage available?
I have this covered I think, Disk is 800GB, 500GB assigned to StorageNode, so should be fine then!?

Need to leave this running for a while then…
Anyway to check if the garbage process is running and working?

Thanks in advance!

You should be fine if your drive is 800gigs and only allowing for 500gigs
One way of knowning its running is checking the size of the trash folder or garbage folder size it kinda gives you an idea. I dont know if theres a command to see if its running or not. Also when its running I noticed the drive utilization is normally pretty high too.

Ok will check this later on, but would be nice to have some indication the garbage collection process is actively running on ones StorageNode.