Storagenode Service will not start - after reboot from windows update

Been running Windows 10 - GUI fine for a couple months. Did the windows update last night, and cannot get the service to run. Been down for about 24 hours.
I’ve been trying various things and reading in these forums.
The time appeared to be accurate, but I installed NetTime just to be sure.
There is nothing in the storagenode.log - just 4 lines repeating, every time I try to start the node.
Configuration Loaded - path
tracing disabled
Operator email - my email
Operator wallet - my wallet
In the event viewer - I get “The Storj V3 Storage Node service terminated unexpectedly.”
I also see a warning in the event viewer

The only other thing I can see is that when I test my port forwarding it says port is closed, but it won’t respond if the storagenode service isn’t running right? I have double checked that my port forwarding rule is in my router and the windows firewall rule is still there.
I feel like I had this issue last time I rebooted for windows updates and rebooting again solved it. That is not the case today.
I’m at a loss - any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!

Got up this morning and tried starting the service again and this time it stayed running. Bizarre.
Total downtime was about 36 hours. I’m sure that is going to be a big reputation hit. Will that get me disqualified in the future when downtime is monitored?

The current plan is to use audits for down time checking. This will use new measures, so no, this won’t have any lasting effect.

that’s good to hear.

in windows there is a restore feature built in, so you could most likely have rolled back to a point pre update… doesn’t touch documents, desktop and such… only installed stuff and configurations on the OS.
its a very nice feature and good thing to make sure is running correctly and have restore points from good stable points during your OS lifetime.

else turning off electronics removing the power, waiting 15 seconds for the power to drain and then powering it back on, can sometime solve odd problems that doesn’t make sense.

but get familiar with the restore function in windows, its a great tool.