Storagenode stops with a: FATAL Unrecoverable error {"error": "CreateFile H:\\storj_8TB\\blobs\\

My storagenode has been running great for almost a year, but now the service stops 25 minutes after I start it, and it happens every time.
I was a coincidence that I discovered the service was stopped. I have upgraded to the latest v1.18.1, but the result is the same.
My node date is on its own 8TB disk, with 2.7TB free space.

What can I do to get my node online again?

I cannot post the log file as it apparently contains links, which new users are not allowed to.
Therefore I made a screenshot of the error lines.

Hello @HyggeJJ,
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Please, stop the storagenode and run check disk utility on the disk with a full scan and errors correction.
Then try to start storagenode.


Thanks… The node is running again.

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