Storagenode Version 100% CPU Usage

I’m currently seeing a /app/storagenode version or /app/storagenode-updater version command stuck at 100% CPU usage (on system calls?). I am unable to stop or kill the docker instance. Has anyone else seen something similar?

I’m pretty sure I had something similar quite some time ago, but always was able to stop, remove and restart the node.

It sounds like issues with docker somehow. Can you share some details from your environment?

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It’s an older version of docker (19.03.15). I’m running it on an armv7l device with debian stretch. When I check for updates there isn’t anything newer to install. Certainly old, and could benefit from an upgrade, I’ve just had troubles in the past upgrading debian distributions.

You can have a couple of days downtime. Personally i would take the time to upgrade the system. :melting_face:


More likely this upgrade could fail. In this case I recommend to switch to Ubuntu LTS instead if possible, it has less issues than Debian (at least for my Raspberry Pi3b).