STORJ Address from MetaMask

I just created my first SNO, 500GB over an RasperryPi2 and a 100Mbps connection.
In confirming the docker, I think I have entered my STORJ address, taken from the MetaMask wallet, but actually checking the Etherscan site I don’t think it refers to STORJ.
Can anyone tell me how to get my STORJ wallet address from MetaMask?


Hello @klode82 ,
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On Etherscan you can see ERC20 TX only when you receive STORJ on that address. The Metamask is compatible with ERC20 tokens, include STORJ. It can automatically recognize them, when you would have them on this address.

I would like to notify you, if you started recently, you will not see payouts to your L1 address in a few months, until your earnings will be greater in 4 times than fee to transfer it, see Storage Node Operator Payout Information - Storj
If you want to receive your payout every month independently of minimum threshold on L1, you can opt-in for zkSync: Configuring zkSync Payments - Storj

Thanks @Alexey
So, I can change my wallet at anytime, right? Because I have a STORJ address on my Coinbase wallet.
So, can I stop the service, change the wallet address and restart?
For now I have done about 5GB of Bandwith used, I think it is not enough. But for now I have 0$ as payout. Is this normal?

You can do it. It will be applied with the first check-in on the satellites and used for the next payout.

Perhaps, depending on the selected month, node’s age and actual usage. If you have not opted-in for zkSync (see Configuring zkSync Payments - Storj), your node is subject of minimum payout threshold on L1: Storage Node Operator Payout Information - Storj
You can take a look on balance in the Payout information on your dashboard.

Ok for zkSync. Awesome!
But for now, Coinbase is not supported by zkSync, so I need to use zkSync.
This is my address actually configured on SNO:


perhaps is this right?

Thanks for your help.

You always can import your wallet with the same secret phrase or at least a private key to the Metamask and connect it to zkSync to withdraw your tokens.
If you use a mobile wallet, many of them supports WalletConnect, which is available on zkSync too.