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This sounds like an amazing, promotable get! Nice job. It’s good to see big names jumping on board. I have some questions though.

  • Will this be the default option or one of the options listed for this purpose?
  • Is this going to be on the commercial or public network?

I think it’s great either way though. Looking forward to see what this will bring.
Also, please write a blog post on this and promote the **** out of it! This is the kind of brand integration that will get more customers on board.


It sounds like this gonna be the commercial network.

Storj supplies a worldwide cloud storage facility based on spare datacenter capacity organized into a single virtual data store with massive file and object sharding across multiple datacenters, providing error-coded protection and parallel access for file and object read requests.

Yes, that’s why I aksed. But Storj’s own marketing has mixed descriptions from time to time and it wouldn’t be the first time for the public network to be described like that by third parties. So I’d rather ask than assume.

Let’s hope for the best and fear the worst then.
For Adobe Premiere Pro marketing a distributed cloud consisting of spare datacenter capacity probably sounds better than a distributed cloud consisting of harddrives in some peoples basements and bedrooms.

Not necessarily, but yes, I would like to ask the team for clarification.

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Well, crap. I hope that’s not the case and I await @Alexey ’s reply with interest.
But on the plus side, even if this one won’t be on the public network it should still raise the product’s profile so we might still derive some indirect benefit from it…

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Not all customers wants to have a more expensive SOC2 limit. So I believe we will have a lot of traffic from this on the public network as well.

For honestly, I do not get, why any of media services would like to strict themselves to SOC2 nodes only, it’s a limited (and more expensive!) option.

I have learned this from the Wasabi website:

This is only MPA (Motion Picture Association) but I am sure, that some of their members are using Adobe Premier Pro. Could Adobe afford to make a solution their ‘storage cloud’ that does not meet those standards? I really really doubt it.

But of course, if it is all about the public network it would be awesome. Maybe both options could be offered to the end users, so they can choose where to store their data.

Happy to clear this up.

We are an official partner with Adobe and we can be used with premier when using a mounting solution like rclone mount, amove, goofys, mountain duck. Users of Adobe products can select any product offering from Storj. At this moment we are not building a cloud public or private for Adobe.