STORJ alternative to Amazon's Snowball

AWS has a service called “Snowball” that allows ordering physical media backup of S3 content:

They seem to ship a complete device that you later have to return.

I was wondering if anyone knows a similar service, Ideally I would be able to send a request to SERVICE with a bunch of S3 buckets and an address, and it will mail a USB drive or some other physical backup to said address that the user wouldn’t have to return.

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I believe you need to conclude a contract with Storj to do so. The only problem - you need to provide your access grants or S3 credentials, because Storj unlike AWS doesn’t have an access to your data, without your access grant (s3 credentials) it is an encrypted data, including a Metadata.
Or you may copy data yourself to the drive and send it as any other item with a suitable delivery company.

We discussed something like that here:

If you want just migrate your data between storage providers, you may also use a service like

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Storj could probably also send the encrypted files and a tool that decrypts them when correct credentials are provided.

Snowball launched as a way to move large amounts of data (80TB+) into Amazon S3 (though some export was added later, you always have to return their device). It sounds like you just want somebody with a faster Internet connection to download stuff for you and mail you an external HDD or flash drive?

Many cloud backup providers offer the paid option to be mailed physical media for recovery… so I guess a 3rd-party could do so for Storj. But like others have said unless you’ve encrypted the files before upload… they’d be able to read them.

Even consumer Internet connections are getting fast enough that for data quantities that you could fit on a flash drive… just downloading it yourself is faster than using the postal service.

Thanks for all the answers!

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