Storj and Corona virus

I have just received an email from “Internxt”. As more and more men and women have to work from home office due to Corona, they offer discount rates and longer free service, etc.

I was wondering, if Storj has something to offer? We know that Folding@home is helping to fight Corona virus.
I could imagine that research needs storage capacity for example. But also companies who need to serve their homeworkers etc.
So maybe it would be a great opportunity for Storj to offer “something”?

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I am running they´re client already on 2 on my SNO´s. In the “medium” setting.
It´s a very small contribution, but at least it´s something:

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Their servers are having a really hard time with the increase in contributors. It seems mostly with non-response from sending and receiving work units, to extremely slow file transfers. They said they have upgraded their storage capacity to 100TB, but i think their limitation is bandwidth and compute for WU assignments. StorJ could def help with the bandwidth and storage part of the problem.

How shall Storj help they have no working product

Tardigrade could help their workflow by bringing their Work Units to the edge. These are uploaded to users. Users then do processing in them, and resubmit them to their storage center. IMO it would be a perfect case for tardigrade, but it would require their server workflow be adapted to cloud storage assignments, and every client would also probably have to be updated.

They would upload data. Once the data is processed and received, they can do a delayed job to delete both the processed and unprocessed work unit from storj. This would be a constant churn of traffic that would help boost both storj and offload a lot of the bandwidth demand that is currently crippling their servers.

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Hi There! Its funny someone here was just also asking about the covid-19 situation.

The amount of data created and stored isn’t going to slow down during this crisis. It is a good time to be in the data storage and distribution business. We have a clear financial and business model. We have an already awesome service, and we have large numbers of prospects and partners ready to use us.

We are mostly remote at this company and located in lots of different regions. Some regions (ahem, mine) are affected by lockdown and others are not. But as our work takes place mainly online and our product is intangible, we are more fortunate than some companies. At this time everyone is working from home, but we’re accustomed to it already.

How does covid-19 affect our daily routine at the company?

For quite some time, we have been devoted to polishing what we’ve built and focusing on making it solid. we also had a reorg. That means that we’ve got some pretty robust team structure. During the reorg, we

  • specifically designed the workflow of the teams to eliminate silos, and make sure information flows freely between team
  • created groups specifically dedicated to “making sure things don’t fall over”
  • changed our approach to onc-call shifts and escalations, to put additional redundancy in place.

We talked about this a lot in the last Town Hall – So it is not a reaction to the virus, instead it’s the result of forward-planning – that is now paying off.

Most importantly, we’ve got a great team of people that works well together and that is behaving rationally

That being said: As you can imagine the coronavirus has been very disruptive to trade shows, conferences and meetups. I’m shifting the 2020 strategy to reflect this, and looking to do more online activities, and virtual events.

Ive also been talking to peers in the industry about potential ways Storj can help to be good citizens ot open source during this period. Many of the orgs will be hurting now as they frequently depend on those live events to survive. If you’re interested in also looking for ways to participate, please check out

If you know of virtual events that are seeking speakers or demos that would make sense for Tardigrade, shoot me a line at Also, if you know of hackathons or virtual summits that would benefit from our participation, please let me know that too!

And finally, stay healthy and safe! Wash your hands, follow medical guidance, and keep a positive mindset!
Thanks & fistbumps,


Folding@Home is now executing 2.5 Exaflops of compute power. Faster than the top 500 supercomputers combined!

They are generating a churn of about 6TB/hr.

Would have been so nice if that traffic went through our nodes xD Some day maybe…

Agree. Seems like Storj is sleeping instead of offering their network for help. Would be much nicer to have actual data than test data on the network.

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we did reach out to Folding@home in March – if anyone has a contact there or can make intros, just let us know. its a great initiative


It’s kind of weird to assume that isn’t happening. Are you expecting they reach out to potential customers in public?


Ofc. That’s marketing.

Ok, we will be sure to let folks know any developments. However we probably wont be sharing each and every step of every overture, just the results. And as I said if anyone has actionable ideas to move it along in a friendly way - we’re eager to hear! <3


In the interim their work servers and data servers could join S3 data volume. But I think in the long run a lot of performance could be gained by more tightly integrating Storj with the work assignments. Could possibly reduce the need for more work assignment servers, while optimizing the network speeds.

I’ve been watching them for awhile. DM Greg Bowman on Twitter. I think this is how they handle triage.

Also some channels from DevFireside:

I just can’t unsee that!)))


I think that supportive tweets from community members encouraging @foldingathome and @drGregBowman to seek collaboration with @storjproject and @Tardigrade_io would definitely be helpful to demonstrate that this idea has community support.


It’s amazing what FAH has pulled in a month. If StorJ ever has such an inflection point, there will be some very happy SNOs. The whole community will be putting together more nodes to expand the network at a rapid rate.

Haha, i should have waited one more day for:


i got the joke ! Usually people just type LOL . but that acutally did make me L, O.L.

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Check this out:)

And please forward it on for anyone for whom this might be relevent!! :

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