Storj Audits only take place in the 30 seconds when the node is rebooting?

I’m in a mood for a little griping about the storj audits and how the online percentage is calculated.

The machine running this node has been running for 3 months now. It is on battery backup and stays online when the power goes out, the internet modem is also on battery backup so that stays online as well. The computer has been rebooted a grand total of 3 times to install updates, with each reboot taking about 45 seconds. Yet for some godforsaken reason those 2-3 minutes of downtime are prime-time for the satellites to run an audit.

My math might be rounded a little bit here, but I’m pretty sure that 3 minutes of downtime divided by (90 days * 24 hours *60 minutes) 129600 minutes of total time is … (according to the GNU calculator) 0.

It’s actually 0.000023, so 0.0023% downtime, which would be 99.9977% uptime.

That seems a little high, lets assume my ISP had some downtime. Spectrum had an outage on the east coast of the USA last week and that was 4 hours of downtime.

So, 240 min + 3 min / 129600 min = oh… 0.0018750. Well that can’t be right. That’s only 0.1875% downtime or 99.81% uptime.

Anyhow, I’m done griping. If anyone has an actual technical explanation that they’d like to offer and not just some asinine “get gud” comment, please feel free to enlighten me.

Hi @i80, get gud. Only joking! This has been discussed before:

So, if the checks cover 12h windows (60 checks per month?)… then it wouldn’t matter if you were only down for a few minutes - if the check failed you’re flagged down for the whole 12h block?

That would be understandable: you can’t check everything all the time: 2x/day is OK by me.

Hi @Roxor, I direct you to read the above linked post from @littleskunk as it explains exactly what you’re asking.