storJ coins swap: Transaction never finished

Hello there!

I did try to swap the coins to eth, but the transaction is 14 days old but still “in progress”

Any idea what could be happening?

You likely didn’t put enough gas.

That mean that:

  • Will take longer but eventually will work
  • Lost the coins
  • I must do it again? Since is pending, I guess I cant do much until it fails or go thru


Gas price too low.

Zero blocks are being mined at 1.0 gwei

So, your transaction will never be picked up by a miner for processing. You should re-submit your transaction with a higher gas price. Please do not submit a second transaction. The second transaction will only be processed after the first transaction is processed. And the first transaction will never be processed with a gas price set at 1.0 gwei.

The gas limit of 51496 is probably fine.

Please see eth gas station for current gas prices:

As of the moment I’m posting this, gas prices are extremely high at around 70 gwei. Wait until the gas price hits around 14 gwei and is stable for 30 minutes or so and then resubmit your transaction


Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.

But now, how I “resubmit” a transaction and not creating a new transaction?

There’s a second link in my post… I put it inline so as to unclutter my prior post.

Here it is again:

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Thank for the information, I really appreciate it. Sorry I did not see the link on your first post.

Thank again