Storj container deleted

Hi Guys,

I have been running storj node for now at least 2 years.

My storj node was down when after production release and i took look after 2 days. I had to manually update to prod 1.0.1 version.

Then I just forgot it. This time my storj container was deleted don’t know how. Node was down again for three days.

My question is why I am not getting emails that my node is down? Do I have to opt in somewhere i get notification as soon as it goes down?

I think this might be issue with watch tower. does anyone share some script to replace the watchtower or atleast send me email if storj doesn’t do it.

How do you guys prevent this kind of situation (node down for days) so your reputation does get effected?


Well the node wasnt ready to set and forget it, You needed to be keeping an eye on it, Have you updated your Docker start command, updated watchtower. I also use to keep an eye on my node so I know when it goes offline.


At one point I did get some emails about my node being offline. I think this is a great idea to increase SNO retention.

We should automate that when a node is down more than X hours that an email is sent.

We did have such email notifications but they were discontinued because they sometimes erroneously were sent to nodes that were no longer offline, or that were already retired a while back and the SNO had no plans to bring them back online. It would take a significant amount of dev time to optimize this to reduce the number of false positives. We got a lot of support tickets and comments on the forum from people that received these erroneous emails before.

Using works very well and you can configure it to send you email alerts and notifications on mobile if you like. So the Storj emails would just be redundant . It is possible that perhaps in the future Storj email alerts will be reinstated but since the SNO growth team has many other higher priority issues to resolve I would say it is a low priority right now, considering SNOs have another alternative to monitor their nodes already.

I setup huginn

Not really, there could be a situation where the node port is accessible, but some kind of problem prevents the node from reaching the satellite.