Storj contract address on Polygon


What is the contract address of Storj on Polygon, I want to add it to the MetaMask wallet.

Thank you

You can goto and add to metamask

This is not what I meant, I already have polygon added to Metamask.
My nodes are configured with Polygon opt-in wallet, I want to know if the payment is made through Polygon as or if I should have to add the Storj token into Metamask under Polygon network.

So if there is a Storj token under polygon, what is the contract address to add???

Hi, you go to Polygon Web Wallet v2
after that you connect the metamask wallet to website, you can search Storj Token and to the right of name is present an icon of metamask that you click and add the Storj Token to Wallet.
Sorry for my english

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Thank you :slight_smile: