Storj_data and storj_identity folders deleted from nowhere

I had the storj_data and storj_identity folders deleted entirely from nowhere two times time this month.

Because of this issue, I lost my node #1 last week. Then, it happened again today with my node #2.

Now, I don’t have any node neither a way to start it, because bind-thing doesn’t work anymore, even if I manually recreate storj_data and storj_identity folders.

What happened and how can I avoid it to hapen again? Should I recreate, again, the nodes and just pray?

No, you need to find out what deletes your data. Maybe enable auditing on your server, or watch filesystem activity on those specific folders with some monitoring tools

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Did you check your file system? I am asking because on one of my nodes the trash suddenly vanished due to what it seems a file system corruptioin:

Do you use an app on TrueNAS Scale? If so, when you delete it, it will also delete the data and the identity.
If not, you must check and fix errors on your disk, as suggested by @jammerdan