Storj DCS account inactive limit

Hello, I am trying out Storj DCS storage for backups. I roughly backup once a month, and only use CLI. Is there any inbuilt limit for deletion of inactive accounts?

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There is no time limits for inactive account.

If you mean the possibility to expire your data, then yes - you can use the --expires option for uplink cp command.
You can also use restic for backups.

Also depending on how large your backup is, i.e. if it exceeds the free allowance, then if the bill doesn’t get paid the data could be deleted.

  • If a credit card expires, a user will receive a notification to the registered email on the account, however, if a new payment method is not added within a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to reclaim the available storage and bandwidth, reset usage limits to zero and delete any data stored on the account pursuant to our data retention policy.
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There should be a way to set a limit on the space and bandwidth, so that there are no surprises. Someone may want to keep within the limit of the free tier, someone may want to keep the bull under a certain amount and if one bug in my script (uploading/downloading too more data than I intended, not deleting old backups etc) can generate a large bill it could be a problem.

Yes, you can set limits on PRO account: Manage Projects | Storj Docs
On free tier this feature is not available, you cannot use more than a free tier anyway.

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