Storj DCS for server backup

From reading this

I remembered, that Storj had announced a partnership with Plesk for server backups.
But there is not only Plesk. There are several tools for server administration that are S3 ready and could be easily used with Storj DCS. I wonder, if it would be worth to put some effort and marketing into this sphere. For example with a blog article, tutorials, advertising or additional partnerships to increase visiblity to server admins.

Here is a posting from the Webmin forum:

You’re absolutely right, I didn’t realize I could click into the Amazon S3 and change the end point manually. I just tested it with Storj DCS and confirm that it worked successfully.

And from cPanel:

My Amazon S3 trial has expired, and their costs went through the roof!!!


So, my question is. Is it possible to set up cPanel incremental backup to Google Cloud, or (coz I’m already customer of them) Amazon S3 ?

So it seems there is definitely interest in a S3 compatible solution.
As per their website, Virtualmin has over 150k installations worldwide so maybe it would be worth it to expose Storj DCS more to server admins.