Storj DCS on Cloud Academy would be great

When I came across this link, I started to look around Cloud Academy a bit more and thought this could be an interesting place to be for Storj.

I just watched this introduction to Amazon S3

and believe such an information central with training material and lessons about Storj DCS, how to work with it, how to code for it and how to use different software with it, could be a great opportunity for Storj to get in contact with potential developers and make them aware of Storj DCS and teach them how to implement and use it.
So maybe there is a way for Storj to become an instructor on that site like Alibaba Cloud or team up with existing instructors so that they start creating material about Storj DCS.


This looks very interesting :smiley:
I’ve passed it along internally.

Thank you again !

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Not to mention, that there are many options other than Cloud Academy like

where Storj could get in contact with potential developers and users to spread the word of Storj DCS as AWS S3 alternative and of Web3 and teach users how to use Storj DCS and applications by writing articles or publish courses by becoming a tutor like here:


Adding this one: