Storj DCS pro Android

I know my wife will use Storj DCS pro if you cover android, cause she lacks storage for videos and photos like an infinite amount

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We are welcome your code contribution in that part!

We offer a platform, not the consumer service. The Community developers can build consumer applications using our platform.
At the moment there is only one such application:
It’s more like a demo though.

However, you can use the Storj DCS through your browser and Objects browser web application in the satellite UI. Of course, this is not a replacement for a native application, but allows to upload or download files.

You can also use S3 compatible backup/sync solutions with the gateway MT. But yeah, keep in mind that Storj DCS is object storage aimed at developers. You may not get the smoothest end consumer experience. However, I’m using it for backing up my synology and that was really easy to set up. I haven’t looked, but I’m sure there are Android apps that do S3 backup too. Shouldn’t be too complex.


When i say “you” didnt meant STORJ labs, but community who is reading this forum
I understand your position as object storage vendor.

Yea i fould Hellostorj , will try to install it and see how UX of it affects woman in mid 30’s

Maybe i bring some step by step (blog post) tutorial for other androind with lack of storage users.

Hi Fetch. You can always check out

Feedback is always welcome.