Storj Earnings Question


I have been trying my node for 1 month and I am wondering if these numbers are correct hereunder. It has been 132GB so far…

Well the key word there is estimator :slight_smile:

Traffic fluctuates, it seems you have outperformed the estimator since it expected you would have roughly 90GB after a month. I don’t see anything wrong here. Did you have a specific question or something you weren’t sure about?

Depending on your definition of many, I think recent traffic patterns have changed enough to make this no longer true. At the moment, I think you should be able to fill that in roughly 2 years. That’s not too bad I think. Of course this is assuming recent traffic patterns stay stable… which, you know… they probably won’t. :slight_smile: But so far traffic per node has only increased over time, so that may be a good thing.

140 GB seems OK. Which kind of connection do you have? DSL/Fiber?

I second that. Lately I have been seeing ingress around 600Gb per month (my nodes are 37 and 23 months old). That’s a considerable increase from before (a year ago or so I think it was around 300Gb per month tops).
Sure, it is not that fast, but key point it was and is steady, so I can plan out upgrade schedule and costs, for example.

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