Storj File Sync/Share like resilio or syncthing

anyone know of a file sharing/sync solution using storj? I used resilio now but would like that data to be stored in the decentralized cloud on a node.

I am using rclone and duplicati for this.

Hello @surfdude,
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To sync your files with cloud it’s better to use rclone.
To share files you can use uplink share command.
To have a browsable link or for download, you can use it like this:

uplink share --url sj://my-bucket/prefix/myFile.mp4

Or with an Objects browser.
If you want to share a bucket with someone, then you can share a bucket or prefix without --url option with needed permissions, this will generate an access grant: Sharing Your First Object | Storj Docs
You colleague can import this access grant to any compatible tool (like FileZilla Native Integration | Storj Docs or Rclone with Native Integration | Storj Docs) and will have an access to shared information with specified permissions: Import an Access to an Object | Storj Docs

I also would want to find a way how to simply sync, store, share files to storj.

No luck for now. Rclone is only command line, does not work on mobile devices and on mac m1 is pain in the a… to get working last time I tried. Duplicati doesn’t work on mobile devices problems on mac m1. Tried Photos+, soo many bugs, also it is not possible to use already existing bucket and have to create new for the Photos+.

I just use syncthing in combination with rclone. Synthing will sync all of my devices including mobile phone. The only problem with that is the risk that all copies get lost at the same time by a fire in my appartment or maleware encrypting my data and requesting money from me. To cover that risk I let duplicati create a backup once per week. Problem solved. Syncthing is still the best and I see no reason to replace it.