Storj File Sync/Share like resilio or syncthing

anyone know of a file sharing/sync solution using storj? I used resilio now but would like that data to be stored in the decentralized cloud on a node.

I am using rclone and duplicati for this.

Hello @surfdude,
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To sync your files with cloud it’s better to use rclone.
To share files you can use uplink share command.
To have a browsable link or for download, you can use it like this:

uplink share --url sj://my-bucket/prefix/myFile.mp4

Or with an Objects browser.
If you want to share a bucket with someone, then you can share a bucket or prefix without --url option with needed permissions, this will generate an access grant: Sharing Your First Object | Storj Docs
You colleague can import this access grant to any compatible tool (like FileZilla Native Integration | Storj Docs or Rclone with Native Integration | Storj Docs) and will have an access to shared information with specified permissions: Import an Access to an Object | Storj Docs