Storj for streaming videos

It is said that Storj is S3 compatible. From what I understand, I can stream data from S3 directly to a browser securely. By saying securely, what I mean is no-one can access the video directly but only through the website the video is being streamed to. My question: Is this possible in Storj.

I am working on an ed-tech platform like Udemy and I want to store videos of courses on Storj. Also, for mitigating the risks of piracy, I am using Storj because of the default encryption system which is not there in IPFS/Filecoin.

Will I be able to do this? If yes, can you point out how?


I want to do something sort of this

I would offer to do not use an s3 protocol for streaming video. It’s s3-compatible and requires gateway to the Storj network (either Storj-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway or Self-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway), using s3 protocol you would skip most of killer-features of the Storj network like p2p nature, flex access control with macaroons and client-side encryption (with s3 you will have a static access, given on time of key creation, server-side encryption and few regions of presence and you likely will be forced to use a proxy like Filebase, or use a presigned URLs to share directly from the gateway).

If you start fresh, I would like to suggest to use a native integration instead. This way your clients will receive a stream from nodes nearest to their location, unlike s3, where you have only few regions.
See Host a Static Website - Storj DCS for example.

Here you can see libraries for popular languages: Storj Client Libraries - Storj DCS and Storj - Third Party · GitHub

See also Video Storage & Streaming


Okay, you make some good points. I’ll take a look at the material you shared and let you know of any questions I have.


What i do is make an account on us1 or other sat then upload video to bucket and then get the share url for bucket and copy the download link and embedded it in your HTML it works great for me

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