Storj Images are not appearing on Brave Browser

Hey folks!
We built a Learning Management System last year and used Storj to serve images throughout the webapp. It was working fine, but from last few days images are not showing up. The link is working perfectly but the image is not showing up on the webapp.
You can refer this link for live preview Edulec | Home

Could it be related to some blockers?
By the way, if you could point to the exact page (image) that doesn’t work, it would be much more helpful.

It’s already the correct link.
This is what it should look like:

When I turn off Ublock origin in Brave Browser then I get:

Could this be the cause?

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I notified the team. Perhaps some blockers added the whole domain to the black list again…
Seems the best approach is to use a custom domain instead of ours… See Host a Static Website with the Uplink CLI and Linksharing Service - Storj DCS Docs
By the way, if your account is a paid (Pro) account, you can use the automatic custom TLS: Custom Domains for Linksharing - Storj DCS Docs

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Can confirm, Brave lists the domain in category trackers & ads.

We took down the offending link 2023-03-05 05:18:15 UTC but it takes some time for filter lists to be updated. I’m able to load the page now both in brave and firefox with ublock without anything being blocked.


Same here here here.

Thanks guys!
I am literally impressed how quick my issue was resolved. This was the fastest resolution I ever had in any community.