Storj in the Ai era

What is the Storj strategy
in Ai era :

  • technically, will Ai could be part of the process ?
  • How Storj will met the growing demand for ressources ?
  • is gpu offering for ML, Generative Ai, cloud computing a focus for diversification for the company ?

If i may, I would like to ask if Storj will upgrade to post quantum encryption soon.

Thanks a lot

I think we know the answer to this one: they already have twice as much capacity available than they have customers paying for… so growing demand isn’t a problem. (And there’s 1000x as many TB available… if customers show up to pay for it).

I hope they don’t get into GPU rentals: there are already a dozen of those companies struggling to make a buck…


We offer a storage, not compute, so GPU is not used at all. But we have integrations with AI-oriented solutions, see Generative AI.