Storj install error „setup did not finish as expected„

Another issue with a node… recently moved from Win 10 to Win server 2016 to get few restarts, hopefully.
I installed this OS for all my nodes and they are working fine, just this node gave me headaches… I got this error when I tried to reinstall the app as it was not starting the service anymore:

Not sure what I did wrong here… as this node was perfectly fine on win 10 before.
One thing (maybe this is not the issue) is that it is having RAID0 consists with 2 drives in it, and the controller is onboard… perhaps something is not ok there… who knows?!

Can you guys had this issue before?

Ouch, if 1 drive fails the whole node is gone.

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well that was something already assumed :slight_smile:
anyway i checked the drives and RAID and it seems that everything is ok.
what else is not happy with? :slight_smile: any idea?

You need to check logs as usual: How do I check my logs? - Storj Docs

Hi Alexey

i git this message:

2024-05-10T03:42:57-07:00 INFO Anonymized tracing enabled {Process: storagenode}
2024-05-10T03:42:57-07:00 FATAL Unrecoverable error {Process: storagenode, error: open E:\storj\trash\.trash-uses-day-dirs-indicator: The file exists.}

I checked out and there is that file… and inside says - Do not delete this file :slight_smile:

So i guess i have to delete it …nothing much to lose as the node is newly installed.

Reinstalled the program and the issue is gone! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Alexey! I couldn t do it without your advice! :slight_smile:

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