Missing Message

I am aware that this topic is kinda iffy. So please do not answer if it is the case.

I have recently noticed the the page: has been missing the most important part of the text. Hence it is missing by default I assumes Uncle SAM has come and served you.

But if not could you update it, I have tried opening it using latest Safari and Firefox on different operating systems.
Thank you very much.

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Ok so if I understand it correctly, since everything is END to END encrypted they have stopped updating it?

No, you have to read between the lines with these messages. They are not allowed to disclose many types of requests for information from the government. But they wouldn’t remove or stop updating the warrant canary if they didn’t get a request for information. We can only assume that has happened. JT was just saying that these warrants are basically useless if you keep your encryption keys private. This might mean that the request was for someone who used Storj to share their data and didn’t keep their keys private. But due to the non-disclosure nature of these requests, we’ll never know for sure.


Obviously some free tier user uploaded leaked documents on reptilians in the US government and FBI came after Storj. This explains why free tier was reduced. There can’t be a different explanation, occam’s razor and such. :person_shrugging: In any case, don’t upload more leaked documents on reptillians in the US government, they don’t like it. There’s a good documentary on this, it’s called They live.

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Occam’s razor is simply not true! It’s is very much the case that, all things being equal, the real explanation is quite often the far more complex one!

Now, I’m all for a bit of healthy paranoia and yes I agree that we always need to be “fighting” to avoid totalitarianism but I wish people would stop using that fallacy as gospel.

Free Tier was not reduced due to any FBI anything.

We had a problem with some users doing Chia plotting, which had them using over 100gig on each account they were creating. Reducing the size was a way to combat that. It is not the only thing that was done to deal with terms of use violations.

We also felt that anyone wanting to test the service did not need as much space, as we also weren’t converting substantial numbers of free tier users to paid tier users, so the decision was made to reduce the size.


I wonder, how did you learn it’s Chia plotting? Just by observing the file sizes that are distinctive to Chia plots?

That part I can’t tell you because the people behind it would potentially use that information to get around our discovery process.


Also from what I remember I found it mentioned on some forum. But not sure where. I remember when I tried chia, it isnt a project that I was willing to support. storj is a project that I am supporting because I believe in it, and recently actively started using it for personal projects and data.