Storj IPFS Pinning Service: Durable & Secure Decentralized NFT and dApp Storage

Storj IPFS Pinning Service: Durable & Secure Decentralized NFT and dApp Storage

"At the beginning of the year, we took a look at the Web3 landscape and were concerned that most minters of NFTs had no clue that their NFTs could disappear.

The most common misconception I’ve heard is that minters think NFTs are stored on the blockchain. In reality, however, only links to NFTs are stored on the blockchain—the actual NFT is just sitting on the interwebs. They’re either using traditional Web 2.0 ways to host content or they are adopting a more decentralized model with Web3.

As NFT creation races on, IPFS pinning providers are taking shortcuts with storage by using centralized providers like Amazon’s S3. We think we can do better with our pinning service. "

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Hey, what is the difference between STORJ’s pinning service and Arweave or Filecoin permanent storage? Filecoin permanent storage isn’t live yet but I suppose it’s gonna be run on IPFS with Arweave like economic incentives for perma storage providers.

Why would any NFT project choose STORJ pining service over Arweave (already established for that purpose)?

That is really a good move! Congrats to the team.
Storj is moving forward in Web3 area and it’s a good thing for every actor in the ecosystem:

  • for end users, because they can benefit from Storj technology and capacity easily. It’s definitely a good move for user experience, so for user adoption.
  • for Storage Node Operators, because it will bring more demand, meaning more data and more revenue.

Cant wait to see what’s next :slight_smile: