Storj is slow on serving small files

Hi there,
I am in the process of finding a place to store my deepzoom ( zoomify format ) images, I am trying to compare Cloudflare R2 and Storj, since they are both S3 compatible, I used Cyberduck to sync the images from my machine to the buckets with no issue ( yay! ).

But during the test, I realize that it is taking longer to load the tiles images in Storj than from R2 ( ~1.5s vs ~300ms )
You can check the rough demo of the deepzoom images here in this URL:

Could anyone tell me what was wrong with my Storj bucket settings, Or it is just Storj does not optimize for loading small files yet?

The images URL are extracted from the object URL as suggested in this reply

Hi @bangank36
Storj is not best optimised for small files. It’s current best use case is large file transfers or lots of simultaneous transfers using the uplink library, not the S3 gateway.


Thanks for fast reply @Stob!
Since you mentioned uplink library, will the speed improve with [Share] (share - Storj DCS Docs) command? Honestly, I don’t quite understand how the Share command works in Uplink CLI

The Share process requires a gateway to serve the content, so the speed doesn’t change.

Uplink generates the access grant and URL for the share, similar to the web gui, however both methods use the gateway/linkshare service. Storj is working on improvements for time to first byte (TTFB) but at this time small files aren’t the best.

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