Storj Labs Buying STORJ from Open Market?

From the Q3 Balances and Flow Report it seems that the STORJ token paid to SNOs came exclusively from the operating supply. At the current phase of the project (and current pricing) this can be justified. However, it does beg the question if Storj Labs have any plan to buy back STORJ from the open market to pay SNO and employees before the pre-mine is used up. I think buying back STORJ would create an actual demand for STORJ which is arguably a good thing for STORJ holders and perhaps the company as well.

For comparison, the team of a certain ad-serving project bought almost 3 million USD worth of its token from the open market in just December.

What do you guys think about this and the tokenomics of STORJ in general?

I don’t think it is likely that Storj Labs will buy tokens when it doesn’t need them. That would be a form of market manipulation that the SEC would frown upon. Storj Labs is very cautious of doing anything with the tokens, including talking about them, without running things through legal first.