Storj Labs in the Media

Brave New Coin has published my research about the continued breaches of consumer data (SURPRISE – they are selling your COVID019 contact tracking data!) and my profile four blockchain cloud storage contenders Filecoin (Protocol Labs), Siacoin, 0Chain and Storj Labs and how they can provide more security and control of data by their owners.


Thank you for this article!

Though, I am not 100% comfortable with the expression “blockchain cloud storage”.
In my opinion, it implies that Storj decentralized storage technology is based on blockchain, which is not the case I think.
Blockchain is only used for payments and is an enabler to create a market for this storage capacity. But security, data redundancy and privacy are not guaranteed by this blockchain.

Of course, blockchain technoogy is important for Storj but we have to be careful when using this concept in order to not making it just a buzz word. Blockchain brings a lot of things but we shouldn’t praise it for what it doesn’t do.

But I am open to discussion about it :slight_smile:, especially from Storj team


“blockchain cloud strorage”
We do not need such marketing (no matter what they write, as long as they write us)

Is that really what you think?
“All publicity is good publicity”?

I would really like to see what Storj team thinks about it :slight_smile:

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“We do not need” - sorry for my incomprehensible english

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Sorry, I read your previous post too fast.
I didn’t see the first sentence between quotes in your post. I thought you said that it was OK to be confusing about how Storj is using blockchain.
But I understand that you share the same opinion as me, right?

Yes, I agree with your opinion.
I’m not a marketing specialist, I’m just a tiny man and my opinion doesn’t mean much here …

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stuff is misunderstood all the time… one cannot hope to ever make most understand… it’s details… changing it just makes people look stupid which is also bad PR

only in the modern day have we gotten so insane with having everything to be correct at unreasonable levels, it may be where the future is… but making sense is difficult at the best of time and when addressing a huge audience, usage of keywords and/or known phrases / definitions, will make more follow along and think they understand and learned something…

blockchain is in… distributed storage is…what exactly… not there yet… so having tardigrade called blockchain is good imo… even if it is a “slight” misunderstanding which may be intentional because of the close connection and because it gets more readers.

Blockchain is simply a linked list from what I understand, and it is terrible for storing large amounts of data. It is great for accounting and distributed accounting though, which was the original idea.


Its pretty common for Storj to get pulled into blockchain discussions, although it seems to happen less since we released the product. I think now people understand what we do better though, because there is something to use and experiment with. When the project was still unreleased, it was natural that people would try to describe it in terms that made easier analogies, or to pull in related terms

The simplest way Ive heard to describe blockchain was by Aimee Maree, who just describes it is “blockchain is just the first two letters of CRUD” – short and simple! :slight_smile:

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That pretty much describes pen and paper lol

I guess for true CRUD we could switch the pen to a pencil then :joy:


Exactly! Congratulations having a minimum of 20 characters to post.