Storj max speed limited to 15 mb/s

Hey there, i have 4 drives that are running storj, Unfortunately the speed gets capped at around 15 mb/s. I would like to know if the speed is limited per ip, in that case im considering using a vpn to be able to saturate the connection more since i have gbit ethernet


Yes, and no. Traffic is coming from customers, but all nodes in the same /24 are treated as one node.

Furthermore, measuring this in Mbps is misleading, you shall also check IOps.

You can’t do that per ToS you have agreed to, obviously.


I have 5 nodes on 1 IP on my work with 100mbit connection and thay took up to 50 mbit
so it may be something on your side.

is it 15 mbit per node or all together?

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