Storj Mobile App - what would you like to see?

Oh, I just found this thread. Wasn’t aware of the app. Just installed it and notice it hasn’t been updated in a while so I was curious if it was worth messing with or a waste of time. I like what I see so far but I will play with it a bit.

One point though, and this isn’t really related to the app directly, but if the goal is eventually mass adoption I think the major hurdle is the user experience on Storj will need to improve. I understand why it is the way it is, but most people see things like buckets, access tokens etc and will just go nope… People want to just sign up, log in. But that’s besides the point, just throwing that out there.

Hi @MattJE96011 -

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll update as the platform and features of the network evolve. As the app is free currently there is no SLA and it’s provided as-is. That being said we will explore features and functionality in the future.

There are also lots of threads and discussions about client software, Storj go-to-market approaches, use-cases, etc. The community here is very collaborative (and passionate!) with many different perspectives.


Hey i was just verifying … what is the name of the developer and email of the person that made this app on android?

Hello @user1380493,
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Why is it matter?

btw. you can find developers details on the app page in Google Play and then follow their web