Storj Mobile App - what would you like to see?

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking for ideas on what you might find useful in a mobile app related to Storj. We currently have Storj mobile in the Play store(hobby app - no warranty!) which acts as a fully-featured file management client, however, we’re looking for interesting features we can experiment with adding. Is there anything you really wish existed on your mobile device that you feel Storj is a great fit for?

edit: also thank you to all our users! we recently crossed the 1000 user mark and the feedback has been excellent! All feedback is always welcome.




Maybe a feature to backup your videos and pictures. But for pictures maybe you need a system to pack them together to not create to many segments on StorJ


we already support bulk/folder upload and download operations. We’re analyzing the “sync” now. I would like to add some more features to the app, like media previews, etc, however, all of that means data transfer to the client and that is an undesirable usage pattern.

Haven’t looked at the existing app recently, however a use case I could see is if I had a document, video, photo that I wanted to share with someone. I’d like an easy way to upload it to Storj and then be given the links to share it.

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An alternative to Firefox Send or WeTransfer for example. Like that idea, too (which does not need a dedicated app, I guess).

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The current mobile app supports this: if you auth with uplink tokens you can linkshare, if you use S3 you can use pre-signed URLs.

I like the idea around features that use several product primitives to offer more value to end-users. Looking for more community feedback in this area…


Background upload, syncing. Similar to google photos when at the moment when you take a picture or video app starts uploading. Also with ability to choose folders from which to upload.


with similar option - when this upload should happen

  • only on WiFi
  • only on AC
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Subjective, but I think good choice for Network Preferences would be

  • over Wifi only
  • over Any network

Yeah, I know, but these options are usual way how to configure such sync services. In my example these options are checkboxes, so you have a choice.
If none enabled - it will use any network and independently of power supply.