Storj network bandwidth and storage

is there some webpage with storj network statistics? My bandwidth is dropping since the beginning of the month so I’d like to see if it’s a network problem or node problem.

Hi paveldvorak, welcome to the forums.

There is no official page, but a user has created this site , although that is probably not what you are looking for. Bandwidth is not constant as it is used by customers and by Storj for network testing. So in this way it cannot be predicted. There was a recent discussion about this:

Tardigrade does have a status page, but it only registers major network issues:

If your node is online and you are not seeing audit failures then your node is working. Changes in bandwidth usage are expected and I would only be worried if everything dropped to zero.


thanks, so my node is probably OK

It should be. Just check the dashboard every once in a while. Some SNOs like to check on stats with various scripts. In case you haven’t seen them yet…

This one is handy for checking the success of your node based on log entries:

This one is good for checking node vetting status, as well as earnings:

Lots of good people on here providing help and utilities for managing nodes.

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